Where to Get French Language Activities for Smart Boards?

According to a survey by The Journal in 2016, the expected global use of interactive whiteboards for Pre K12 was nearly 1,200000 Million in 2020. It is no surprise that many teachers use this to help their students learn how to speak everyday French. These smartboard language activities can help your students learn how to shop, order from restaurants, and be more confident to further boost your instructional materials. Below you find our favorite classroom activities for your interactive whiteboard to include in your lesson plan. You can find all activities on Easel by TpT.

Food Activities

One skill that students learning French must know is how to order food. Once they go to a French-speaking place, they will know how to order food and identify and ask for them.

Picture-Perfect Language Learning

Students can learn how to name and spell French foods from their interactive activities.

Culinary Across the Curriculum

By playing bingo, students can learn French food vocabulary, names of dishes, and French mealtimes.

Telling the Time and Weather

When going on a vacation, students have to be familiar with weather forecasts when going to France since bad weather can ruin a journey. Also, knowing the show dates of theatrical events and making an itinerary is essential. Students will learn from the following smartboard activities on telling the time and weather with these.


This game from Frenchified can let students practice telling the time in French. There is simple hour time included such as 1 hour and 2 hours. There is also a 24-hour clock and some useful French expressions for telling time.


Aside from learning vocabulary about the weather, students can also learn months and days in French, among many others. These can further help make it easy for students to immerse themselves in France.


It is hard to imagine visiting cities such as Paris without asking for the correct number or size of a beautiful clothing piece. Buying souvenirs for family and friends will also be a challenge if you do not ask for them. Therefore, it cannot be enjoyable. That is why good communication is needed to survive shopping in France. These resources can help your students a lot in buying souvenirs.

jer520 LLC

This interactive whiteboard activity has 14 pages where students can learn 30 basic clothing terms in French. Activities such as hangman, sorting, and matching make learning more fun.

Garden Full of Knowledge

These digital cards about French home furniture will help students know and practice household items, rooms, and furniture in French. You can customize the activity and assign it to your students.


Finally, you can better deliver your French lessons through these smartboard activities. They are interactive so that retention will be better for students. In this era, your curriculum must be up-to-date so that you can take advantage of the many benefits of technology, such as smart boards.