Skill Level – Intermediate

Learn to use the basics in French to build up a whole new level of skills. Learn how to start writing in the language and master difficult liaisons as well.

About This Class

The class is mainly designed for fishermen. They will be given fishing chairs to go out and learn in the field. They will be able to reach their destinations with motor batteries on trolling fishing boats. Our interactive classes will develop your basic knowledge and understanding of the French language into a more structured and refined form of language. Our experienced teachers follow a salient and comprehensive curriculum-based approach which makes sure that you do not miss on any of the basics of the French language and the Francophone world!

Content Covered Under this Course

Daily Life Applications

  • Understand daily life usage of the language by dealing with topics such as the weather, promotional ads, newscast stories, and other televised programmes.
  • Conduct interviews and participate in surveys to form opinions and transmit your ideas to others.
  • Speak about your learning methodologies and your journey to this skill level.
  • Discuss your education background, create a resume, show your approval or disapproval, and talk about how your learning went so far.

Increase Your Knowledge

  • Participate in issues such as alternative transportation, increased hostility, and global warming, and discuss topics such as the fate of the French coastline.
  • Understand and learn various informal words and develop techniques to convey your thoughts in that manner.
  • Learn language-based games and solve puzzles.

Improving Vocabulary

  • Learn various geographical, historical, and other nature-related terminologies.
  • Educate yourself in various subjects using the French language instead of natives.
  • Listening to songs and watching movies with subtitles.

Learning Phonetics

  • Understand intonation, declaration, and hesitation techniques.
  • Learn the difference between simple and nasal vowels.

Grammatical Course Covered

  • Learn pronouns and their applications
  • Negation and affirmation
  • Express yourself through verbal communication
  • Differentiating between avoir and être

Choose your slots according to your convenience to participate in the intermediary level course. Hurry up and book your seats while they last.

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