Skill Level – Beginner

Time to learn the French language from the ground up to form a developed vocabulary and the confidence to speak the language fluently.

About This Class

This class is designed to get you off the recliner and into the class. You will learn about kitchen terms such as different parts of cookware sets as well as kitchen faucets. Our beginner coaching classes will help you grasp the varied concepts of the French language at an accelerated rate. Through the help of writing, vocal, and comprehension activities, we make sure you know the roots of the word while learning about their meaning too. We make sure to keep our classes fun with a communicative and open approach between the students.

Content Covered Under the Course

Society and Culture

  • Learn more about French history and the rise of their language as one of the most populous languages in the world.
  • Explore the culture by live demonstration sessions and engagement activities that help you explore the use of language in everyday lives.
  • Read about the lifestyle and cultural diversities of various working classes and how they have contributed to the development of the language over time.

Interactive How-To

  • Ask the origin, definition, and application of a French word and compare it with your native language.
  • Be open to suggestive recommendations and questions about your field of interest within the class.

Building Vocabulary

  • Using techniques such as visualization to remember words used in daily life.
  • Forming simple sentences by using a combination of simple words.
  • Discover areas of strength and weakness, and find your language aptitude by active participation.

Pronunciation Activities

  • Learn the sounds of various common words.
  • Pronouncing words with silent letters.
  • Usage of vowels and consonants in speaking.

Grammatical Course Covered

  • Additional words and their pronunciation in the French language.
  • Imperfect tenses
  • Simple nouns and pronouns
  • Usage of verbs
  • Past, present, and future tenses
  • Using simple words together

Choose your slots according to your convenience to start learning the beginner level course. Make sure to hurry as we have limited seats in every batch.

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