Skill Level – Advanced

Time to put your skills to test in the real world. This level is a class for people who have mastered the basics and are ready to use the language at a proficient level.

About This Class

Students this year will start on the golf course. Learning about the types of golf equipment like specialist rangefinders or irons for different types of golfers. Students who have already mastered the basics can now take these classes to take the final step in achieving proficiency in the French language and impress their colleagues with their impeccable accent and fluency. With an interactive and real-world based practical approach, we help you to finesse your French language and take the final step in the course.

Content Covered Under the Course

Real-World Applications

  • Learn real-world jargons and phrases that require a practical knowledge of using the French language in daily life.
  • Understand the different words to be used in different situations. Makes sure you do not do embarrassing mistakes in front of other people, especially Francophones.
  • Discuss the cultural varieties existing within the world and social media sites and platforms where you can interact with people to further improve your French conversational skills.

How To

  • Learn synonyms, antonyms, and advanced French words to build up your vocabulary.
  • Interact with differently skilled people to understand your shortcomings and help them with theirs.
  • Write letters and articles on various topics and share information with others.

Developing Vocabulary

  • In this final step, learn the varied use of words in your vocabulary in an appropriate situation.
  • Express your fashion sense, daily activities, and character traits in the French language.
  • Read books and watch movies in the French language to further understand the culture and improve your vocabulary.

Practice Pronunciation

  • In the final stages, all you have to do is practice speaking and interacting in the French language as much as possible.
  • Learn to understand the accent of other people and develop an understanding based on their response to yours.

Choose your slots according to your convenience to start learning the advanced level course. Make sure to book your seats while they last.

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