Private Lessons

Most of the time, people like to learn languages at their own pace. We understand your need, and as such, we provide one-on-one and semi-private tuition to help you learn the French language at your own pace. So whether you are seeking to level up your skills in your own time, or are looking for fast-paced lectures to help you learn the common greetings in France, you can now book a private lesson at the click of a button.

With our private lessons, you get to choose the area you want to specifically improve in. Be it vocabulary or conversational skills, you can ask the instructor to set the pace of learning at your own convenience.

Professional and Certified Instructors

All our teachers are certified French instructors who are well-versed in both conversational and written French skills. Other than the fixed batches, our instructors are also willing to take private or semi-private lessons for you.

Due to the fixed timings of the group lessons, our instructors have only a limited window when it comes to private lessons. The more flexible you are regarding your availability, the easier it will be to set up regular lessons with your favourite instructor.

Location of Private Lessons

Often, people are confused when they want to decide on a quiet and solemn place to take these lessons. To help with your needs, we give you the following options where these private lessons can be taken. These are among the location choices you can choose from:

  1. Online classes at the comfort of your home, provided you have a stable internet connection
  2. Dedicated off-site location (will vary depending on the availability of the instructor)
  3. At your home
  4. In person at the French Educational Organisation’s center

Compulsory Skills Evaluation Test

For private coaching, whether individual or group, you have to undergo a compulsory skill evaluation test which will help us gauge your language skills. This information helps our instructors prepare a dedicated course tailored to your needs and skill level.


  1. Fees must be paid in advance
  2. All fees are non-refundable
  3. Students must maintain an attendance sheet
  4. Lessons must be of equal duration
  5. Any change or cancellation in the timings should be informed 24 hours prior

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