Password: The Best French Vocabulary Review Game

Learning the French language feels a bit like being a detective on a treasure hunt, where every new word is a clue leading you closer to the grand prize of fluency. But sometimes memorizing vocab can feel more like homework than an exciting adventure. That is where vocabulary review games can help. With the game “Password” you can turn what could be a snooze-fest into a fun and interactive word game. Whether you’re rallying a small group or the entire class, this game morphs the usual drill into an electrifying playground where words are the main attraction, setting the stage for a spirited bout of wit and wisdom.

Password: The Vocabulary Quiz Game


  • To reinforce French vocabulary retention in a fun and interactive manner.
  • To promote teamwork and collaborative learning among students.
  • To enhance listening and speaking skills in the French language.

Materials Needed

  • Password PowerPoint template
  • A list of French vocabulary words suitable for the class’s level.
  • A digital screen or whiteboard visible to the entire class.
  • A timer or stopwatch.
  • A method for keeping score (smartboard, whiteboard, paper, or digital tool).


The vocabulary review game begins with the careful selection of vocabulary words, chosen to align with the current unit of study or thematic focus. For group play, the class is divided into evenly matched teams, setting the stage for a friendly yet competitive exchange. The classroom layout is adjusted to ensure an unobstructed view of the display area, and all technical equipment is tested to prevent any disruptions.

Game Rules

In the group play format, the game unfolds with one team taking the initiative. A representative from this team stands at the front, their back to the display, in anticipation of their peers’ clues. The teacher discreetly reveals the selected vocabulary word to the rest of the team, who then embark on a creative quest to convey its meaning without mentioning the word directly. The guesser, fueled by the team’s imaginative clues, has a brief window of 30 seconds to unveil the word. Success brings a point to the team, and the turn passes to the next group, keeping the momentum of the game alive.

When the whole class bands together against the teacher, the dynamics shift. A single student, chosen either by volition or selection, steps up to guess the word based on the collective intelligence of their classmates. The class unites in a brainstorming frenzy, offering hints that guide their representative towards the correct answer. Each triumph scores a point for the class, while any misstep is a victory for the teacher. The game reaches its climax as the final word is guessed or the allotted time expires, and the score decides the victors.

Additional Tips

Creativity is the lifeblood of this game, encouraging students to explore unique ways of expressing the essence of each word. Ensuring that every student has the opportunity to contribute, either through guessing or hinting, cultivates an inclusive environment. Positive reinforcement plays a crucial role, especially in boosting the confidence of those less certain in their linguistic abilities. To add variety, teachers might introduce elements of charades or Pictionary, enriching the game with new layers of interaction.

Last Thoughts

This vocabulary review game stands as a testament to the power of interactive learning, proving that education can be both enlightening and entertaining. It not only cements students’ grasp of French vocabulary but also enhances their communicative skills within a framework of teamwork and mutual support. With thoughtful preparation, this game can become a cornerstone of the language learning experience, weaving a tapestry of success and camaraderie among students as they navigate the complexities of the French language.