Looking for a trusted academy to learn the French Language? Your search stops here.

We provide various French academic programmes that can help you learn the beautiful language at your own pace. Our unique elementary level makes sure that you can acquire excellent Frech language skills at a much faster pace.


Our small classroom sizes make sure that we remain attentive to each and every student while maintaining a healthy circle for you to practice your vocabulary skills. You’ll also feel assured, as all our teachers are certified and professionally trained to teach you the requisite French language skills.

We accept students with all kinds of skill level. For those who have prior knowledge of the language, we urge you to take our proficiency test to help us understand what batch would be best suitable for you.

Even better, you can now become a member of the French Cultural Community for as low as $10 per month. By becoming a community member, you can enjoy the benefits of discounted cultural events invitation with the privilege to one of Canada’s biggest French-language library.

If you are looking for a crash course in the language, be sure to enroll in our five-week accelerated learning program to make the best in a short period of time.

Time to learn the French language from the ground up to form a developed vocabulary and the confidence to speak
Time to put your skills to test in the real world. This level is a class for people who have
Learn to use the basics in French to build up a whole new level of skills. Learn how to start