8 Best Online Resources to Teach French

Many teachers sometimes lack time to prepare adequate resources for their students learning French. However, with the advancement in technology, many sites are found on the internet, which helps to choose a teacher planner and is also useful in giving students the best learning resources in knowing French. They are downloadable and free; hence they can save a teacher time and energy during preparation since they are the best teacher planners.

Here are some of the tricks which are useful to a teacher teaching French when selecting a site for preparing resources for their students:

  • Quality– some sites lack the necessary quality materials which are useful to students. However, some high-quality materials can be downloaded and used by teachers.
  • Restriction– there should be no charges when registering or downloading the materials.
  • Indexation– since the sites are big, teachers should track down what they want easily.
  • Permanence– the sites have been there for a long time, and teachers can use them whenever needed.

Below are the eight best online sites which have resources for preparation among teachers;

French teachers in New Zealand

The site is based on the New Zealand Curriculum and contains materials for children aged between 8 and 17. The site subdivides different topics such as social issues, alphabet, and school, which benefit the students.

Light bulb languages

The site contains plenty of resources that teachers can use from primary to A- levels for students taking French. It also caters to Italian and Spanish-speaking teachers, and it’s downloadable for free.

TES connect

The site covers all age groups, from 3 to 17 years old. All French materials are found here, which can be given to students. Though the site is enormous, the materials are of high quality, and registration is needed.

Tex’s French Grammar

This site is among the best since all PDFs with plenty of grammar exams and lessons can be downloaded. The explanations which are given make the grammar easy to comprehend, and the drawings make it reader-friendly to students.

FluentU French

This site incorporates real-life videos, and topics, levels, and formats have categorized the videos. The video content enables students to learn French since they can listen to French-speaking natives and with native French accents.

French resources.org

The site contains an AP and GCSE curriculum, and students can work on different exercises and email them to teachers for marking. Students also have the opportunity to work in pairs to perfect their French-speaking abilities.

Text to speech

The site works when students are doing a spoken presentation to type their text and listen to it in French. Students can change the voice and speed of the translation to listen to the French pronunciations.

Best Sites Websites Index

The site is huge and contains plenty of French materials that teachers can use to prepare their students. The site is updated with French materials, and teachers can choose whatever they like for their students.


The above sites are the best teacher planners since they can reduce stress levels for teachers and motivate them to work together with their students.