Author: Kyle Cabrera

A Look at France’s Position on Vaping, Its Policies, and Perspectives

In recent years, vaping has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional smoking, presenting both opportunities for harm reduction and

CBD Oil Supplements’ Status in France

What Is the CBD Oil Supplements’ Status in France

Cannabis products are increasingly legalized in progressive countries like the USA, Canada, and other European countries. In fact, <a href="">buy

10 Effective Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy While Teaching

Teaching is a rewarding and demanding profession that requires educators to be mentally sharp, emotionally present, and physically resilient. The

Woman going grocery shopping

Grocery Shopping in French Like a Local

‍Grocery shopping in French is a tricky deal for any English speaker. It can be an intimidating experience, especially if

Dangers Posed by Smoking Amongst Teachers

Dangers Posed by Smoking Amongst Teachers, Educators, and Science Professionals

The recent report shows more minor cases of smoking among teachers, educators, and science professionals. <a href="">Eurovap</a> is a better

Where to Get French Language Activities for Smart Boards?

According to a <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">survey</a> by The Journal in 2016, the expected global use of interactive whiteboards for

Teaching Through a Mask – My Personal Experience

If there is anything I have learned throughout the pandemic, the way that I learned how to teach is no


8 Best Online Resources to Teach French

Many teachers sometimes lack time to prepare adequate resources for their students learning French. However, with the advancement in technology,

Skill Level – Intermediate

Learn to use the basics in French to build up a whole new level of skills. Learn how to start

Skill Level – Advanced

Time to put your skills to test in the real world. This level is a class for people who have